I have been leading Gospel Choirs in Bristol (GGCC - Gospel Generation Community Choir) for about 10 years now and love it! I love the way singing as a group brings people together, builds community and really does help build confidence in individuals. Oh and it's a huge amount of fun too!!!


So I am passionate about sharing the joy of singing with as many people as I can. That is why I also run Singing & Gospel Singing Workshops. Hosting a workshop is a great way to connect with new people outside your organisation or help build a deeper sense of team within an exising community.


In a fun and highly interactive way I teach the core skills of choir singing e.g. singing in harmony, listening, blending voices and simple performance technique. I teach people to sing by ear so absolutely anyone can have a go and by the end of a workshop everyone will have learned how to sing some songs in three part harmony and how to perform them together.


If you would like to find out more or book a workshop click here.

I also run an annual Gospel singing conference called Sing! with Geraldine Latty. Now in it's 6th year Sing! 2019 will be taking place on 12 October at Easton Family Centre, Bristol. You can find out more here

Video from Sing! 2016 in Bristol 

"Emma instilled confidence in the most shy singers and within a short space of time had everyone relaxed and enjoying singing together, making a glorious sound. She has an ability to help people of faith or none understand Gospel music and anyone can join in, just anyone! There was lots of laughter and Emma is great at getting the best out of people."

Revd Rachel Haig, Community Minister, Tyndale Baptist Church, Bristol

  " As an inner city church with a small congregation, we are eager to bolster our numbers and particularly keen to kick-start that one aspect of worship in which a newcomer can immediately participate i.e. our singing. On this, we have been fortunate enough to employ the services of Emma whose boundless energy, natural musical flare and adaptability have served to enthuse those of us who attended her choir workshops. We are few in number and of varying vocal ability, but Emma has reinvigorated our singing and given us goals to aim for."


Easton Griffith - Organist of St Anne's, Greenbank, Bristol. 

"Emma, came and led a gospel choir workshop at our church to mark the end of a large refurbishment. The idea of a choir workshop proved really popular with loads of people turning up, both from the church and the community, and none were disappointed. Emma soon got us singing. It was absolutely fantastic, beyond my best hopes. We were all ages, all abilities but so quickly we were singing together, different harmonies, different rhythms all blending together under Emma’s superb friendly leadership. The whole event was a great success, and the choir workshop was undoubtedly the highlight. I thoroughly recommend others to give it a go."

Rev. Stephen Newell - Zion United Church


As part of our Women's weekend, Emma came and led a gospel choir workshop for one of our afternoon sessions.  It was a very popular session and all those who joined in - experienced singers and those who had never sung a note before - loved it!  The final performance after the workshop was great and the participants got to showcase a selection of songs Emma had taught.  Emma is an excellent facilitator, a talented musician herself she is able, with enthusiasm and patience, to draw out the best in others and make it a fun and rewarding experience for all!

Vicky Wright - Bristol/London




GGCC Choirs Bristol - June 2018

Teaching song at University of Bristol event

Leading session at Sing! 2016