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Taking a break!

So, it's the middle of August, the heatwave seems to have subsided and I'm well into my six week break from all choir and singing group sessions. I have to admit, it's pretty hard to switch off totally! I find myself having an idea for a possible song for choirs for Autumn or possible arrangement ideas when I'm hanging out the washing, walking the dog or catching up on fav Netflix shows! But...I do keep it to minimum. By the end of last term I did feel like I had given all the best I had. All energy, ideas and enthusiasm had gone, I knew I needed time out. I was aware I was getting a bit grumpy!  The great thing is, I know that by September I will be raring to go! I will be missing seeing everyone in the choirs and singing groups. I will be ready for the challenges of teaching new songs and will look forward to working with my brilliant colleagues. You can only give out when you have something to give...recognising when you're running a bit dry is really important I have found.

So this Summer has so far been spent visiting my lovely friend Geraldine Latty for a couple of days, the pic below is a shot from a video we did a couple of Summers ago...good old green screen shot! I have been on lots of lovely dog walks, spotted Gromits in Bristol, climbed Glastonbury Tor, got a horrible horse fly bite, eaten lots of ice-cream, watched Mission Impossible Fallout (swooned over Tom Cruise), been to see The Play that goes wrong (twice!), taken a ferry ride round Bristol harbour and been on a couple of bike rides. I'm off to France on Monday for a week...a chance to finally use my passport!

Rest time has been fun but I couldn't do this all the time! One thing I know is I'll have to make sure I warm my voice up more at start of new term! I've gone from teaching four singing sessions a week to none and so going back my voice will need a bit of tlc. I also ought to take advantage of down time and before I go back tidy my pigsty of an office!!! Filing and tidiness aren't my strong point...although I do know where most things the mess!!

So, watch this space for the renewed invigorated Emma, raring to go!

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