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Recording an album!

Back in 2018 I had the idea to record a second EP with the Gospel choirs I lead, GGCC Bristol. But in true Emma Smallwood fashion I wanted to a little bit bigger than last time! So I thought I'd try and get two other choirs involved, St Matt's Cats in Torquay and Riverside Gospel choir in Feltham. These two choirs are affiliated to GGCC and we have had fun working with them in the past. We fixed a recording day in July this year and I set about deciding four songs to record and then I arranged all the backing tracks for the songs so the choirs just just turn up and sing. I love the creative process of taking a song and trying to put a slightly original twist on it. All four of the songs on the EP have a different feel and I was so thrilled to have my good friend Geraldine Latty ( sing some of the solo vocals on songs I had arranged, her beautiful voice was the icing on the cake.

Bringing together 80 singers from 6 choirs across the South of England for one day has it's challenges but it all went so smoothly and I was thrilled to have the lovely Carey Luce engineer the vocal recording and then do all the mixing and mastering in the studio. This really was a fantastic team project and I'm so thankful to everyone involved. The EP is now sent off ready to be duplicated and we also hope to make it available to buy online. You can pre-order it at It's called 'Sing our Way home'. Here's a video from the recording day, all about the title track.

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